Demand Side Consulting:

LaaR and EILS

Demand response programs offered by Veritas Retail Energy provide revenue opportunities for electricity end-users. By enrolling in these programs, participants agree to reduce their electricity consumption in response to peak system demand, grid emergencies or peak wholesale prices, thereby contributing to grid stability and lower market prices. Demand response, both LaaR - load acting as a resource, and EILS - emergency interruptible load service, can be a powerful tool in a company's overall energy management strategy. By participating in demand response programs, companies can earn significant revenue while simultaneously reducing energy expenses through lower consumption. These strategies can help offset the rising costs of energy and improve a company's bottom line.

In addition, participation in demand response programs results in significant environmental benefits. By reducing the peak electric load on the grid, demand response participants help reduce the need for more power plants, lowering carbon dioxide and other emissions. At the same time, demand response participants reduce their own consumption of electricity and the associated carbon emissions.

Veritas Smart Grid

Veritas Smart Grid provides software and services to instrument and automate commercial buildings and other types of facilities for energy responsiveness. This enables our customers to easily generate cash flow through grid-sponsored demand response programs and reduce energy costs by bridging the gap between wholesale power prices and retail electricity costs. Veritas Smart Grid also enables grid operators to supplement, avoid or defer costly investments in generation, transmission and distribution facilities and enhance the reliability of electric power. Our solutions are used by large commercial and industrial customers to automate demand response events in conjunction with their energy provider, and meet sustainability goals.


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