We provide straightforward market information, provide transparency and secure the lowest risk lowest cost electricity and natural gas supply for our customers. Our management team and advisory board includes experts not only in retail electricity and natural gas, but also wholesale power and natural gas trading, power generation and also transmission and distribution. We work diligently on behalf of our client companies to evaluate supplier stability and support, negotiate favorable low-risk contract terms and secure the lowest forward market pricing available. Let us bring our comprehensive knowledge, experience and resources to bear on the task of reducing your energy costs while you focus on your core business. We are your unbiased advocate and advisor bringing you peace of mind in an often complex and volatile marketplace. And as our fee is included in your purchase price, there are no additional costs above and beyond contract rate to you.

Today's energy prices are as volatile as ever requiring significant management resources and budget planning. Veritas Retail Energy's experienced personnel will assist you in the development of a disciplined price risk management program to provide price certainty in the highly volatile energy marketplace. Our objective is to review and evaluate the components of the client's price and volatility risk tolerance and recommend specific strategies to accomplish the customer's objectives.


Terry Bartifay
President, Veritas Retail Energy LLC

Mr. Bartifay has over 15 years deregulated utility and commodity experience both in the United States and internationally. His career started with deregulating United States telecommunications markets and progressed to substantial experience and success in the bandwidth and fiber optics arena. Terry's resume also includes experience in energy and financial trading technology where he supported major trading and brokerage firms in Houston, New York, Chicago and across the United States. Mr. Bartifay received his Bachelor of Science degree from The Pennsylvania State University. Additionally, he has completed post-graduate coursework from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology relating to carbon trading and credits.


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